Coinend: 1,2,3 Take off – New Gamified Crypto Prediction Platform

October 21st, 2020|

Coinend has announced the launch of its cryptocurrency gamified platform. GPC DIGITAL S.A operates this cryptocurrency-based gamified prediction portal, a corporation incorporated in Panama. It allows users to predict the closing price based on hourly,

Nearly 99% Of Bitcoin Ownership Has Been Profitable, Data Reveals

October 21st, 2020|

Bitcoin is the best-performing mainstream asset in 2020, next to stocks, gold, and anything else. But according to new data, owning the top crypto asset by market cap at any point in nearly 99% of

Always On: Bitcoin To Surpass S&P 500 Trading Time Within Two Years

October 20th, 2020|

Recently, the discussion around Bitcoin “maturing” and becoming a respected mainstream asset, has prompted comparisons to the stock market, gold, currencies, commodities, and more. One notable difference between the stock market and Bitcoin is that

Here’s Why Ethereum Has the “Best TA Structure” in the Crypto Market

October 19th, 2020|

Ethereum is currently in the process of breaking back above its crucial $380 resistance level This level has significant historical importance, as breaks above and below it have marked turning points for the cryptocurrency’s previous

Bitcoin and Crypto Market Analysis – October 19, 2020

October 19th, 2020|

The S&P 500 rose at the start of last week, shrugging off the tail end of the previous week, and remained at a solid level until Friday to finish the week on 3.482. Contrastingly, the

Cryptocurrency ETFs: SEC Wants to Facilitate Tokenized Products

October 17th, 2020|

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) wants to facilitate tokenized exchange-traded funds (ETFs), according to chairman Jay Clayton. The agency is collaborating with other U.S. regulators to determine how to regulate different crypto products.