Ethereum Gaming Token Axie Infinity Taps Another All-Time Price High

July 23rd, 2021|

On Friday, the game token utilized within the Axie Infinity gaming realm has once again captured another all-time price high at $32.17 per unit. The game token has outperformed a great majority of crypto assets

‘Ethereum: The Infinite Garden’ Documentary Project Raises 1,036 Ether

July 21st, 2021|

A documentary project called “Ethereum: The Infinite Garden” has raised 1,036 ether to complete its fundraising proposal. The project will use these funds to finance the first feature-length Ethereum documentary, that will cast members from

These Are the Crypto Economy’s 5 Most Expensive Assets per Unit

July 18th, 2021|

On July 18, the most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of dollars per unit, is bitcoin which is currently trading for $31,693. Besides all the wrapped bitcoins and synthetic bitcoin pegs, the second-highest valued crypto-asset per