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Ethereum Validator Nodes More Attainable as ETH Price Collapses

July 15th, 2019|

Bloody Monday has been a harsh start to the week for many crypto assets, including Ethereum. Bitcoin’s return to four figures has caused a digital avalanche for altcoins as markets bleed out over $35 billion

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Breaks Bullish Uptrend

July 14th, 2019|

On the 1oth of July, ETH broke down from the current uptrend at around $290 visible in my ethereum price previous analysis. Since then, price levels have dropped back to support levels around $230 resulting

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Sustains Bullish Daily Uptrend

July 8th, 2019|

Over the last 7 Days, Ethereum has clearly bounced three times off rising trendline support formed as a result of the most recent uptrend. This is a good sign that price levels will hold the

Ethereum Clears $300 On Futures Rumors And Block Reward Reduction

July 8th, 2019|

Ethereum is reclaiming lost ground as investors turn bullish over the prospect of derivatives hitting the market and major network changes.  Ethereum Could Soon Join Bitcoin Futures Starting the week with the second-best 24-hour growth

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Stabilizes After 60% Spike

June 27th, 2019|

Ethereum has seen a brief correction towards the current uptrend parabola. Analysis suggests this trend has not broken yet, and could accommodate for further upwards momentum as we progress towards the month of July. Ethereum

Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Continue to Accelerate

June 26th, 2019|

Digital asset markets have been on a tear lately, gaining $68 billion in five days. Currently, there’s over $100 billion in global trade volumes and crypto bulls don’t seem to be letting up any time