Ideaology’s IDEA Token – Uniting Freelancers and Startup Innovators

December 1st, 2020|

PRESS RELEASE. The term “ecosystem” flies on the radar within the blockchain and business development industries nowadays. There must be a great need for a productive, digital, and self-sustaining environment with all the essential ingredients

A Step-by-Step Guide to Splitting ABC Fork Tokens from Bitcoin Cash

November 27th, 2020|

On November 15, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain underwent a scheduled upgrade but also the chain saw a consensus split, and the network bisected into two. After the split, numerous users have been looking for methods

Bitfinex, a Pioneering Tier-1 Exchange, Lists XinFin Network’s Native XDC Token

November 18th, 2020|

PRESS RELEASE. After Indodax, Alpahex.net and Bitrue, XinFin Digital Contract ($XDC) tokens—the fuel of XinFin’s enterprise-ready, hybrid blockchain ecosystem—will be available on Bitfinex—a pioneering Tier-1 exchange—from 11 a.m. (UST) on November 16, 2020. On November

DealDefi Network Presale is Now Open to the Public

November 16th, 2020|

PRESS RELEASE. The DealDefi network is a scalable heterogeneous blockchain for lending/borrowing & marketplace decentralized finance. The DealDefi Network prides itself in four major unique features; – Minimum or no gas fee on transactions, decentralization,