Minereum Launches Crypto Bond With up To 50% Yield

August 26th, 2020|

Minereum, the project behind the first self-mining smart contract, has released a new crypto bond allowing investors to earn up to 50% a year on their digital assets. The Minereum Crypto Bond is described as

The Bitcoin Network Now Consumes 7 Nuclear Plants Worth of Power

August 24th, 2020|

The SHA256 hashrate that secures the Bitcoin network has grown massively during the last few years, as Bitcoin’s processing power has touched all-time highs in 2020. Moreover, the gigawatts of electrical consumption powering industrial bitcoin

Re-Mining Simulation Shows Satoshi Used a Single High-End PC to Mine 1.1M Bitcoin

August 23rd, 2020|

Cryptocurrency advocates have been recently discussing the mysterious Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto as RSK’s chief scientist, Sergio Dermain Lerner, published a paper called “The Patoshi Mining Machine.” Essentially, Lerner simulated Satoshi’s mining experience. The findings

Iran Shuts Down 1,100 Illegal Bitcoin Miners; Whistleblowers Rewarded $2,400

August 23rd, 2020|

Iran’s Power Generation, Distribution, and Transmission Company (Tavanir) has reportedly shut down 1,100 illegal bitcoin mining farms in the country, local media reported. Whistle-blowers tipped off authorities on unauthorized miners following a July announcement of

Bitcoin Just Hit a Crucial Trendline; Analysts Expect Imminent Fireworks

August 21st, 2020|

Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market has witnessed some bear-favoring volatility throughout the past few hours This came about following a day of relative stability yesterday, and it appears that Ethereum’s potent decline

China’s Bitcoin Mining Industry Impacted the Most This Year, Says Report

August 20th, 2020|

The researchers and analysts from Tokeninsight published it’s “2020 Q2 Cryptocurrency Mining Industry Report” which shows the industry has grown exponentially during the last six months. The findings indicate cryptocurrency mining has expanded a great